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Do we actually need dairy?

We’ve all been told from a young age that milk and dairy products are an important part of our diet as they make our bones and teeth stronger. But do we need dairy products as adults?

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Why 30-day body transformation challenges could be holding you back

You’ve probably heard of various 30-day body transformation programmes or diets that promise fast results in just 30 days. But could these challenges be stopping you from achieving your goals?

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If I could only give you one piece of advice...

Whatever your health and fitness goals, whether you want to lose weight, become stronger or get fitter and healthier, there’s a single piece of important advice that will help you achieve your aims.

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Understanding your hunger

Ever eaten a meal and still felt hungry afterwards? Your brain could be playing tricks on you! If you want to lose body fat, understanding your hunger is vital in order to control your appetite and prevent you from making bad food choices.

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Wine and beer... Oh dear.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but unfortunately alcohol and fat loss don’t go hand in hand. If you are trying to lose weight then alcohol can severely interfere with your progress and your efforts to make healthy food choices.

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